Introduction to Apache NiFi
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Introduction to data ingestion platform Apache NiFi

Introduction to Apache NiFi

This week in ZoneCast . . .
And we are back after a bit of a long break! To start off, A Very Happy New Year to all our listeners. If only long breaks like this come around every year…

Anyway back on topic, today’s episode is going to be about Apache NiFi. Its been increasingly gaining attention and we see it being used often in data ingestion. So we felt its the right time to explore in a bit more detail what is Apache NiFi is all about. For this edition our host Raathigeshan is joined by Hasun Perera and Asanka Herath.

The conversation starts off with a basic introduction into this component based drag and drop architecture before looking into deeper questions like how NiFi can power the future, a comparison with NiFi Projects vs Normal Projects etc. Fundamentals such as NiFi capabilities, flow files and custom processors are also looked at.

Listen below:

Asanka Herath is a Software Engineer at Zone24x7. You can follow him on LinkedIn.

Hasun Perera is also a Software Engineer at Zone24x7 and you can follow him on LinkedIn.

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